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Few pastors and church leaders in America have the opportunity to visit overseas Ministries, GFN provides life-changing opportunities for pastors and church leaders to build friendships with pastors and church leaders, and their cultures, in distant places so they can see what God is doing in the church families around the globe.

Out of our connections around the globe we have engaged together with our overseas friends in teaching orphan care, preaching, earthquake relief, storytelling, discipleship training, health concerns, but most important of all tear down walls to develop close friendships with our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ Living in diverse distant cultures.

Everyone returning from a Global Fellowship Network mission trip reported the incredible, life-changing effects of the trip. "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15

Global Fellowship Network was founded by faithful Presbyterian Elders and pastors, and now includes evangelical Bible believing members from multicultural congregations throughout the world.

Several decades ago evangelist Billy Graham posed the question to some evangelical leaders in the Presbyterian Church, “What are you going to do to renew my wife’s (Ruth Graham) church (Presbyterian)?” Dr. Bob Pitman and others worked hard in bringing renewal to the Presbyterian Church through much prayer and the establishment of the ministry called “Knox Fellowship.” Knox Fellowship continues to pray for and work for renewal in the Presbyterian Church. In recent times Knox Fellowship has received many requests to minister overseas. While Knox Fellowship ministers domestically, Global Fellowship Network was formed to fulfill overseas partnerships in ministry.

God, by the Holy Spirit, ignites within Pastors/Christian leaders and mature believers on GFN mission trips a powerful renewed passion for God’s mission around the world. Only eight of ten western (American) Pastors/Christian leaders have the opportunity to visit and minister outside of their culture. How can we have Christian unity for which Jesus prayed (John 17:21) if we do not know each other? Jesus said that by this unity, “the world will believe You sent Me.” What a wonderful result of our unity and working together!

Global Fellowship Network seeks to live out Jesus’ priestly prayer for unity by partnering with Christians around the globe and laboring side by side in the worldwide mission of Jesus Christ by evangelizing, teaching, preaching, compassionate service, and loving fellowship. GFN is a ministry of “fanning the flames” (2 Tim 1:6) of our Christian faith in the lives of Pastors/Christian leaders from the U.S. and abroad, who in return touch a multitude of people.

GFN is and has been involved in teaching ministry around the globe in places like East Africa, Nepal, South America and Europe. As you will see from our web pages three main areas of ministry are: a Global Teaching Ministry, Good News Tours in Israel and Abandoned Children Ministry in Nepal and surrounding countries. Please take time and read the three different ministry pages called Global Teaching Ministry GFN, Child Hope GFN and Israel GFN.

Eastern Europe 2011

Our travels took us through Hungary, Slovakia, and western Romania.

In our travels it was encouraging to meet many faithful saints. For them, the forces of secularism have made no inroads into their belief. They have remained committed to the faith passed on through generations. Some of the saints we met spent years in Communist prison camps for their audacious claims that Christ is All!

We also discovered, as we  do at home constantly, an underdeveloped relationship with the Holy Spirit. Acts 4:31 and Phil. 1:14 remind us that boldness is a gift from the Lord. This boldness is not always easily embraced in light of decades of oppression and persecution.

We, who live in the “land of the free”, are often no more bold in sharing the faith. “What does that mean anyway” someone asked me.  It’s an exciting question. I mentioned that it goes way beyond sharing certain historical facts about Christian history and Jesus. Rather, It enables us to share our own “salvation story”, culminating in being a new creation in Christ.

Nepal 2012


At the invitation of GFN’s region-specific mission partners, a team of three individuals led by Rev. Jeff Carlson, Pastor of Oak Hills Presbyterian church in Grand Rapids, Michigan went to Nepal in October of 2012. Their goal was to connect with the ministry leaders of various orphan and evangelistic ministries, and provide important preaching and teaching to empower local church leaders and their congregations. They shared and prayed with many orphan children living under the care of sponsored care-homes that were directed by our ministry partners. 

It was truly wonderful to see how the Lord was using this ministry to disciple, empower and transform the forgotten children of Nepal, turning darkness into light for each child.

In addition to the children’s ministry, the Lord also connected GFN to many local pastors and church leaders for preaching, teaching, prayer, encouragement and the building of relationships for the future.  The Lord used Jeff to preach in two congregations in Kathmandu, and teach six Leadership Seminars to a group of pastors, elders, church planters and key leaders, while the rest of the team ministered to the congregants through music.

The mission trip was amazing and a love and hunger for the Lord was visible and encouraging.  The team made some forever friends and realized amidst the poverty and false religions of Nepal that our Lord Jesus is truly building His Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

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