Who We Are - About Us

One of G.F.N.'s main purposes is to partner together by invitation with Christians around the globe from a variety of Nations and cultures. These partnerships have helped all to discover the beauty and diversity of God's Family while engaging together in many Ministry projects.

"Pastors and church leaders who go on GFN mission trips are changed forever"

The wonderful mission of GFN is our servant partnerships with brothers and sisters in Central and South America, Africa, the middle east, Europe and Asia. We find ourselves as the beautiful family around the world who loves God and each other.

GFN is about making Christian friends (fellowship) from diverse cultures around the globe and realizing we are all an important part of God's family in Jesus Christ! Deep cross-cultural friendships are our highest priority. Our friendship with ethnic groups around the world cause all of us "Red, Yellow, Black & White" to build healthy bridges and break down walls as God's Global family.

GFN is made up of evangelical Bible based, Christ centered pastors and church leaders who have a heart and passion for the Global mission of Jesus Christ.

GFN serves to enact on God’s requirement of the Church’s participation in missions, through the crossing of geographical and cultural borders, for the purpose of making Christ known amongst all nations (Acts 1:8). This work is done through the participation of regular Christians to assist with the diverse ministry needs of indigenous church leaders.

“This message would be proclaimed in the authority of his name to all the nations…” Luke 24:47.

The ministry of Global Fellowship Network in countries throughout the world functions through its partners.

The Mission of Global Fellowship Network

Global Fellowship Network is a unique and exciting mission that serves Jesus Christ around the globe.

Evangelistic work is done only by invitation from our region-specific ministry partners. GFN fulfills local ministry needs by: Training pastors and all people of God through conferences to acquire the passion to express and live out the Good News of Jesus Christ. Church growth & church planting outreaches, including up to 5 years of financial assistance for young pastor’s training and church planting needs. Assistance to Evangelical leaders in their Christian walk to become spiritually mature, relationally sensitive and Biblically literate. Providence of educational assistance and placement of orphan children in Bible-based care homes, with emphasis on love and nurturing in the Christian faith through “Child Hope GFN.”

Dynamically adapting to region-specific outreach needs.

The mission of GFN is assisting as Christ leads in what we see as a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in many nations around the world. Worldwide revival is taking place! It could be the last mighty outpouring of the Spirit before Christ’s return and we invite YOU through GFN to be a part of the excitement!

Where we are in the world